Standardized Proposal Templates

The Evmos Governance Framework allows for various different types of proposals, both on-chain and off-chain. This section serves as a basic guide for the necessary components of proposals. Depending on the proposal type, certain components may be required. Use this table as a reference sheet for which of the following components are required for your type.

A. Universal Components

All proposals must include the following Proposal Components.

Title - Short and sweet, with the correct tags prefixed.

Author(s) - List of authors and contributors involved in the writing of the proposal.

Summary - A brief, high-level summary of what changes are being suggested. Summary should be a single sentence, or a bulleted list.

Abstract - Abstract is a multi-sentence (short paragraph) technical summary. This should be a very terse and human-readable version of the motivation and specification sections. Someone should be able to read only the abstract to get the gist of what this specification does.

Motivation - The motivation section should describe the "why" of this proposal. What problem does it solve? What benefit does it provide to the Evmos network?

B. Project/Protocol Introduction

Project / Initiative Specification

Project & Team Introduction

A quick introduction to the project or initiative: what it is, how it works, why the project is unique, and why your team can knock it out of the park.

Background & Context

Background information on the project, such as where the inspiration came from, why you're passionate about it, how long you have been working on it, previous funding rounds (if applicable).

Achievements & Obstacles

List all the achievements you have managed to accomplish so far, and the obstacles or blockers that you have hit.

Project Goals

  • Short Term Goals (1-4 months)
  • Mid Term Goals (4-12 months)
  • Long Term Goals (12+ months)
  • Success Metrics and/or KPIs to measure the growth of your project

C. Funding Request

Fund Utilization and Distribution

Amount of Funds Requested

What is the total amount of funds that are being requested from the community pool? Are you pegging it to EVMOS token amount or USD?

Fund Utilization Plan

Justify your funding request with an itemized list of how the funds will be used.

Multisig Wallet Signatories

Who will be the signatories on the multisig wallet? If not using a multisig wallet, what is the justification? How will the project be held accountable?

Fund Distribution Method

Detail and justify the distribution stages of the funds. If requesting a full distribution, explain the need for the full amount, how the project will be held accountable.

Example of a milestone-based approach:

Stage Milestone, KPI, or Project Goal Relevant Details Amount Released
Kickoff Released Upon the Passing of Proposal Funds will be used for the work done by Foo and compensate Bar for XYZ. 10%
1 of 5 Testnet Release (Milestone A) Funds released when our project is live on testnet which will mark the beginning of Milestone A as listed in section X) 10%
2 of 5 Completion of Security Audits Funds released when our smart contracts have gone through security audits outlined in Short Term Goals in Section X) 20%
3 of 5 Mainnet Launch (Milestone B) Funds released when our project is launched on mainnet, which is listed as Milestone B in section X) 20%
4 of 5 Protocol v2 Proposed Funds released when the plans for our upgraded v2 is announced and detailed, as outlined in Midterm Goals in Section X) 20%
5 of 5 v2 Launch Final release of funds on the launch of v2 as listed in Milestone X. 20%

Example of a timeline-based distribution approach:

This proposal will fund the Evmos Marketing Workstream for a period of 6 months. Each month, 1/6th of the total amount will be released to the workstreams’ multisig (address: __________), and workstream contributors compensation will be paid out in accordance with the Fund Utilization Plan outlined in Section X.

If at any point the community believes that the Marketing Workstream is not fulfilling its duty to the best of its ability, the community may propose to return the funds to the pool, or hold the funds until the core marketing team can prove that X has been implemented and Y has been replaced with Z.

Closing Statements

Final thoughts and details that you wish to convey to the community.

D. Workstreams & Special Initiatives

Anyone may start a workstream and gather momentum behind it by posting on Commonwealth. For more information on Workstream proposals, refer to this section.

Workstream (Sub-DAO, Team, Committee) Proposals

Workstream Introduction

  • Introduce the workstream or subDAO that you are proposing. What are your mission, visions, and values?
  • How does it bring value to the Evmos ecosystem or the DAO?
  • Does the workstream that is being proposed have any overlap with existing workstreams?

Primary Duties

What are the primary duties of the workstream?

Projects and Initiatives

What are some of the projects and initiatives that will be launched to achieve your mission and duties?

Progress Reports and Achievements

If the workstream was previously working informally, what did it achieve? If going straight from ideation to funding, what are you and your workstream members' qualifications?

Milestones and Timelines

  • What are the key milestones for the workstream?
  • If there is a timeline associated with your workstream, share with the community!

Workstream Members and Organizational Structure

  • Steward(s) / Leader(s): Who are the members managing the workstream and accountable for its outcomes?
  • Members: who is committed to working on this project and what are their responsibilities?
  • Compensation: what is the compensation amount per member, how will compensation work, and justify the amounts.

Total Budget

What amount is required for the workstream to achieve the initial target, and how will it be spent?

F. Protocol (ParamChange) Proposals

Refer to the official Evmos documentation for protocol and ParamChange proposals.