Proposals Framework

Evmos Community Proposals (ECPs)

ECPs are standardized proposals subject to voting that (once enacted) regulate and define the behavior of the Evmos DAO's Governance system, and provides a funding mechanism for special projects and workstreams.

The Evmos Community Proposal Framework

The Evmos Community Proposal (ECP) Framework sets the guideline for all subsequent ECPs to follow. This ECP is the foundational ECP that provides the necessary templates, processes, and guidelines for working within the framework and defines the key roles required for the operation and enforcement of the ECP process.

ECP Framework Components

1. Definitions of the ECP Framework - Defines core concepts of the ECP Framework and the different types of proposals.

2. The ECP Lifecycle - Defines the formal stages in the lifecycle of proposals from conception to approval, rejection, or deferral.

3. ECP Standards and Templates - Defines the processes, rules, and components required for all proposals before going to vote.

4. ECP Submission Guidelines - Defines the proposal submission procedures and guidelines for on-chain voting.

5. Evmos Governance Council - Defines the responsibilities and enforcement powers reserved to the Governance Council of Evmos DAO.